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“圣通国际英语(Talk English International )”是深圳市圣通教育咨询有限公司旗下的英语培训机构深圳成人英语培训班哪个好,是一家致力于日常英语,旅游英语,职场英语,成人英语,托福雅思考试为一体的一家英语培训机构。我们发扬顾客至上的方法“没有学好不收费”让我们说英语就像说自己的语言一样。无论你的英语水平已经处在哪个时期,我们就会听听您的声音,为您解疑答难深圳成人英语培训班哪个好,帮您达成目标。圣通国际英语为您开启前往失败的大门。(Talk English是由Mr Ka一手创立成人英语,他七岁就到英国,从小在那里长大。深知以西方人说英语的方法教中国人纠正美国式的英语。让美国人说英语更加地道。

There’s an expression that rolls off the tongue, oh so easily “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you.”Nothing could be

further from the truth. What you say to another human being and what they say to you has the most profound effect on you both. We’re truly able to move mountains with words. And the power of words can destroy people’s lives. It really does matter what we say to each other and how we say it.

In all our lives we’ve all had moments, when we can honestly say, it’s been good to talk.

A conversation when we felt emotionally connected to another human being.

A conversation which gave us both a deeper understanding of each other.

A conversation when we felt totally in tune, totally in harmony, totally safe.

We knew we were both being heard.

Here at Talk English International, we focus on voicing your thoughts, through the power of speech. We believe speaking and listening to be the two most important forms of communication and also the hardest to master. In order to help our students achieve their goal, we insist on an English speaking environment.

So, let’s learn together.



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